Episode 1: Zombie Crisps

At long last! Episode 1 of the Transistor Sandwich YouTube Channel has launched!

It has been a long journey, made even longer when one considers the Transistor Sandwich brand actually started back in 1995. It started out as a follow-up album to my first solo release and was subsequently never released because, well, life got in the way. Fast-forward twenty years and I find myself working in a dream job, creating digital media and coding web applications. It was during a conversation with a colleague, in which I was wistfully reminiscing about the never-released Transistor Sandwich album, that I suddenly realized I had developed the skills to rebirth TranSan into a bold new venture. I took my love of live performance and started out with a live streaming show. During each show, at least a half dozen cameras are recording from varying angles as I compose instrumental music, completely on-the-fly. And after painstaking editing, these performances can now be viewed in short form. The Transistor Sandwich show is a recap of the creation of background music which is offered to viewers absolutely free of charge and royalty-free, so no copyright strikes on your own projects!