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Welcome to Transistor Sandwich, a library of instrumental music in a wide variety of styles, both conventional and otherwise. These are tunes that I delight in building as a hobby, and you can watch me do it live on

Use the MP3 player below to preview any of the available songs. To download a song in full AIFF quality, click the download icon to the far right of the track title. Remember, these are free, royalty-free instrumentals that can be used as background music in any project you wish, commercial or otherwise. Need one in a different file format? Audacity is a fantastic cross-platform application that can convert to WAV, MP3, FLAC and more.

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Unless otherwise noted, all of the songs available for download on this page are released under the Creative Commons license, with Attribute and Share Alike rights reserved. For more information, visit

  • Attribution – you are permitted to distribute, display and perform these songs, but only if you credit
  • Commercial – you are permitted to distribute, display and perform these songs – and derivative works based upon them – for commercial purposes.
  • Derivative Works – you are permitted to copy, distribute and perform derivative works based on these songs.
  • Share Alike – you are permitted to distribute derivative works only under the same license conditions outline on this page.

About Transistor Sandwich

Transistor Sandwich is a passion project that started well before the World Wide Web was a thing. Originally, it was the title of an album of songs I was putting together as a solo artist, working out of my tiny single-room bachelor apartment in Prince Edward Island, using whatever gear I could afford to cobble together at the time. In fact, this mish-mash of low-cost electronics inspired the name Transistor Sandwich. It was a challenge to interconnect such a collection of consumer, prosumer and (borrowed) professional equipment. I always felt like I was sandwiching together a bunch of “cheap crap” into a pro/prosumer wrapper in order to recreate the big sounds I was hearing in my creative head. And so the name Transistor Sandwich was born.

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